GES - A Division of Viad Corporation - Prepares For The Future with a New Corporate Intranet Site.

Global Experience Specialists (GES) is the largest one-stop provider of exhibition and event services. They offer marketing strategies along with creative and logistics management, providing their clients with comprehensive in-house solutions that engage attendees, save valuable time and drive superior results. GES decided to retire their existing intranet based on SharePoint 2007 in favor of developing a new site based on a modern SharePoint version and features. In particular, GES wanted to add personalized user experience and branding. AccessECM was brought in to develop, integrate and deploy a new corporate intranet site under specific timeline and budget restrictions, which were imperative to the success of the project. The primary goals of this project was to make the intranet site more appealing and able to provide the most up-to-date company information to employees, as well as, drive content contribution. The new home page now displays the latest company news, company blog posts and Twitter feeds, as well as, relevant tools for users to personalize their home page. Users are also now able to submit news stories to be posted on the home page. AccessECM developers designed and built the new SharePoint intranet site within the expected timeframe and budget. Since the release of the new intranet, GES has experienced numerous benefits including increased employee engagement and better information discoverability. GES has better prepared itself for future goals and growth as the largest one-stop provider of exhibition and event services. The project utilized a team of 3 software and 1 QA engineer. Agile software development methodology had been used with the close day-to-day collaboration with the stakeholders.

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