Sharepoint development, auditing, reselling, setup, implementation

Sharepoint Development

AccessECM development team has worked with SharePoint since 2006. We have designed architecture, built solutions, conducted migrations and maintained every version of the platform including SharePoint Online.

As your SharePoint experts, we’re here to simplify a sophisticated technology, so you can experience all the benefits without the complications.

Sharepoint branding, themes and layouts implementation

Sharepoint branding

Customers implementing SharePoint initially tend to maintain the out of the box look and feel. As usage matures to applications such as a company intranets, organizations like to extend existing marketing and branding into SharePoint. Branding ensures that employees are getting the same look and feel across the entire organization. However, poorly implemented branding can impact SharePoint performance, functionality and the ability to upgrade. Our professionals have expertise in implemented custom master pages, themes and layouts that deliver the design without sacrificing the core strength of SharePoint. Pair your vision with our SharePoint branding expertise.

Sharepoint service provider


SharePoint is a platform that can be engineered to meet a wide range of business needs, but as with branding customers need to know the alternatives and the implications of customization. Sometimes needs can be solved using existing Out Of The Box (OOTB) options or other methods. Our SharePoint professionals do not just blindly develop code. We guide customers through the selection of the best approach for them. We stick to our deadlines, work within your budget and always use SharePoint best practices in our work.

We are ready to help with all your SharePoint needs – whether big or small.

Sharepoint Migrations and Upgrades

Sharepoint Migrations and Upgrades

Many organizations have standardized on SharePoint as their main document management and collaboration tool making it an essential part of their day to day operations. As new versions of SharePoint have been released feature deprecation and changes to functionality have made the migration/upgrade process very challenging. The popularity of SharePoint Online (Office 365) has further exacerbated the problem by forcing customers to rewrite or abandon their customizations all together. Our SharePoint team has conducted many migrations providing project management, technical consulting. Most importantly, we have seen what works and what doesn’t. Leverage our experience to make your SharePoint migrations stress-free.

Sharepoint support and help

Support and Maintenance

Sometimes you just don’t have enough resources to manage internal environments or just starting out with SharePoint and need some additional support. AccessECM support service is a cost-effective way to address ongoing bug fixes, small enhancements, integrations and regular maintenance while giving your users a way to get assistance and have their questions answered.

We will help you to achieve the most out of your SharePoint deployment and to maintain the efficiency of your business-critical systems.

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